Complete Ultrasound Workflow Solution

The last two decades have seen the most rapid growth in the application of Diagnostic Ultrasound. The many advantages of ultrasound has allowed it to become a valuable diagnostic tool in medical disciplines such as cardiology, obstetrics, gynecology, surgery, pediatrics, radiology, and neurology. Ultrasound is the tool of choice in obstetrics primarily due to its non-invasive nature, cost-effectiveness,and real-time imaging.

End to End Work-Flow for Ultrasound Clinics

Unlike other modalities, ultrasound scanning is mostly performed by radiologists and reports are generated in real-time. While Image management capabilities and productivity are one of the most crucial to ultrasound practice most ultrasound clinics in INDIA use very less or no automation at all.

After countless visits to ultrasound centers, Color Cloud engineers learned that traditional RIS-PACS Solutions are designed for general radiology environment and practice of Ultra Sound has not benefited from PACS to the same degree as radiography, CT, and magnetic resonance imaging thus not suitable for an ultrasound clinics.

Extensive Image Management

The ultrasound imaging data can be used to provide quantification of blood flow and anatomic measurements which are an an important aspect of the diagnostic process.

The Image Master Ultrasound solution generates Impressive, Standardized, Comprehensives and easy to read reports by auto-populating predefined Images and measurements from the scanner.Provide extensive Image management and imageprinting capability that can compose and print images in most flexible formats and media or simply create PDF for sharing with reports.

The workflow consists of flexible and interactive modules

For a few years, our Designers observed every aspect of modern ultrasound clinics listened to the users and created grounds up - an end to end Dig- the vital solution that streamlines workflow that is intuitive and easy to use for Ultrasound Professionals.

Patient Appointment and Scheduling.

Registration and Interactive Billing.

Modality Worklist ensures that the ultrasound scanner loads patient demographics without the need to enter manually.

Image Archiving and management with quick access to the patient history report.

Reporting Including DICOM Structured Reporting using user-specific templates.

DICOM printing on PAPER, PDF, and FILM.

Share Reports and Images with Referring physicians, Pear radiologists and Patients.

Interactive PNDT Filing simplifies the regulatory burden in a busy environment.

Whether you run a single boutique X-ray ultrasound clinic or the radiology department of a large multi-specialty hospital the “ULTRA-PRO” workflow offers the benefits of unprecedented user experience that maximize efficiency, increases productivity, and improve quality of documentation.

The outcome customers can expect is significant clinical workflow improvement, better turnaround time, and ultimately better patient care. The Freedom Print Composer offered with freedom ultrasound is a DICOM image viewer with the capability to view, format, filter, and print DICOM images on a DICOM printer as well as a standard office printer. ViewDICOM Images from CT, MRI, CR, DR, US, XA, etc. Write DICOM CD DVD Offers tools such as image smoothing sharpening and grid line removal, True size printing, Measurement, line area, etc. Flexible filming formats like single 1x 1, 1 x2 , 2 x 2, 2 x 3, 3 x 3, 3 x 4, 4 x 4 as well as configurable formats Supports all standard film sizes like 14” x 17, 10” x 12, 8” x 10” , A3, A4, A5